Main characters: Edit

Mark Gavin: Edit

His IP is:

Mark Gavin, also known as "K0mba W0mba" or more commonly "Mark_N3well" was a very famous hacker.

He misteriously disappeared after the RDI cybersecurity attack.

He is also known for creating SES.

He has a website where he used to post blogs: ""

Even if Mark Gavin disappeared, his IP is still visible in some websites (Colerica Plaza Auditorium´s server).

SES: Edit

SES is a software created by Mark Gavin, used as an OS, artificial intelligence and a hacking tool. It is supposed that the game is the program itself (this concept is hard to comprehend, but basically, the game ExPlOiT is SES as we play the "software" as Mark Gavin was supposed to).

Roma Data Inspector: Edit

Little is known about RDI and who really attacked the company. Before its destruction RDI was a company that had a program where all the internet information went through with the objective of guaranteeing cybersecurity, although some people undesired it because it was controlling and collecting data.

Mark gavin quickly explains this in his website:  

"Imagine a huge server in which all the information and data goes through, this server works as a node, but also scans all the data going through it. Supposedly, this scan filters and detects illegal and suspicious activities; all this is ok, but the problem is that they also have the access to your personal information (name, emails, phone numbers, hobbies, friends, bank accounts…), they sell the information they can and also produces some fear around people that is very worried about their security. Just think that a cop is constantly stalking you, watching what you do/say/think….

Some of you might be asking: “If Roma Data Inspector works as a node, why don't you just use another route (even if it is slower), the problem is that it isn't so easy; most of the websites are only allowed to receive and send information to IPs that are going through Roma Data Inspector. So unless you use websites that don't need to be using Roma Data Inspector, it is quite difficult to avoid it. "