The enemy: Edit

The enemies represent the antivirus crawling through the system looking for suspicious files. Each enemy/damage type resemble the different ways an antivirus can work:

-Erase enemies: The simplest way for an antivirus to work: It checks the computer looking for files that appear to be viruses and they delete them (this damage is based in anti-spam programs…).

-Glitch damage: Due to the improvement of technology and antivirus capacities. Some programs are able to modify the virus in order to make it useless or unable its capacities (this damage is based in the quarantine mode).

-Integrity damage: Is a variation of the erase damage, but in this case, the programs register the files checking its veracity (through licenses or even reading the code). It is the most effective when trying to detect and eliminate a virus (it is based in more advanced antiviruses).

Each enemy/damage type is represented with a color (red for erase damage, green for glitch damage and purple for integrity damage).

Enemies: Edit

Erase enemies: Edit

-Kernell protector:  This enemy eliminates all the downloaded files that could be viruses.

-Blocker: This enemy blocks all programs and commands that try to change a file. Alone is not very useful, but it can warn other antivirus.

-Anti-Spam: This enemy reads all the messages received from internet, it also checks all the links and files attached to the messages looking for malwares.

-Register scan: This enemy scans the whole system looking for infected files and erasing them, it is really powerful but takes a lot of time to work effectively. It is a final boss.

Glitch enemies: Edit

-Strain Restrain: This enemy attacks the script of the virus to change its infection/spread capacities.

-Quarantine: This enemy “restrains” the virus in a quarantine folder.

-Typ3 hyp3: It is a polymorphic virus created by another hacker that restrains the capabilities of other malwares.

-Honey pot: Narratively, this enemy “apparents” to be the file the virus is looking for, but is a trap server that locks the virus and doesn’t allow it to do anything. It is a final boss

Integrity enemies: Edit

-Port-checker: This enemy sniffs all the information that goes through the ports to identify possible infections. It is a very powerful antivirus, but is easy to avoid (don’t use ports and you will avoid it).

-SQL Ingress: This enemy reviews the script of the virus to check if it a normal program or a real virus.

-Boot format: It is a program that formats the computer each time it boots. So it is mostly impossible to save a virus into a computer that is always formatted.

-Vaccine program: This enemy is the most powerful antivirus, it needs to be installed in a USB, when plugged to a computer iit will look for “not default” programs or files (files that weren’t installed at the beginning) it works mostly the same way as a format but maintaining important files. It is a final boss.