Gameplay Edit

Playing ExPlOiT: Edit

The concepts of the game are easy to understand: You control the virus with the objective to survive the waves of enemies and collect codes (you need at least 3 to complete the level). You need to manage your health and lives in order to survive until the end of the level.

You have access to the ability "Reflexes" that slows down everything so you can see everything safely.

Damage, health and lives: Edit

You posess 3 lives per level and a bar of 100 health that wil decrease if you collide with enemies. Once the health bar reaches 0 you will loose a live and will replenish the health bar. If you have no more lives you will loose.

There are 3 types of damages (each type of enemy has its correspondent damage type): erase, glitch and integrity damage (or enemy). Each type of enemy/damage represent the different ways antiviruses work (see the "Lore" page to understand this part better).

Skills: Edit

Once you successfully complete a level you will be rewarded a skill point, which can be used to improve one of your 4 skills:

-Signature file attack: It decreases the damage received from erase type enemies.

-Rootkit script: It decreases the damage received from glitch type enemies.

-Hacking knowledge: It increases the quality of points you receive for completing a level.

-Reflexes: It increases the time you can use the ability "Reflexes".

Points: Edit

Once you succesfully complete a level you will receive a certain quantity of points depending on your performance (number of codes you got, lives remeaning...) Improving the skill "Hacking knowledge" will give you a bonus.